Hair Treatments

Is your hair in need of some Restorative and nourishing treatments?

hair treatments

Hair treatments such as Olaplex and our Keratin Blow Dry are a big part of what we do at Revive. We are known for delighting our clients by achieving stunning regenerated hair. A visit to our Glasgow salon always begins with an in depth consultation. We begin by assessing your hair’s current condition and discussing your goals for achieving your ultimate colour and style. We believe that great hair comes from great communication. That’s why our team are trained to listen to you. We make sure we understand your needs so we can deliver the best care and treatment solutions for your hair.  

The condition of your hair is the key to achieving the best cutting and colouring results. Beautifully stunning results from your cut and colour are only achieved when your hair is strong, healthy and in great condition. Is your hair damaged due to excessive heat, styling or chemical processes? You’ve come to the right place as we offer a range of high quality treatments and solutions to achieve stunning, healthy and regenerated hair. Our most popular treatments include Olaplex, keratin smoothing, and a selection of protein building hair masks and treatments in our milk_shake haircare range. 

To book in with us for your new hair colour and hairstyle at our salon in Glasgow give the team a call on 01412372492 or click here to book with us online quickly and easily.

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